Tarzan gives a strong social message!

Happening at the Karachi arts council, Tarzan is a play dedicated solely to the kids. It starts off with a song that catches the attention of children right from the beginning. An hour long play might seem boring and pointless to grownups but if you judge it from a child`s perspective (which in fact is 

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Hoccane, Caeed and Incanity!

By: Aimen Tarik Until I was 10, a woman in irresistible fancy grey top dancing with Salman Khan in a studio confined Jungle on a typical Masala Bollywood tune was called “Karishma Kapoor”. She and her fans seemed okay with it until the evolution of bikini, hashtags, selfie and snap chat. She is now called 

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Aneela Darbar – Ponds Miracle Women

She is a Consultant Neurosurgeon She is committed She is resilient Aneela Darbar is a neurosurgeon who loves her job, her womanhood and her early morning bicycle rides. This Miracle Woman is currently an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Agha Khan University. She moved back to Karachi from New York three years ago, after receiving 

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‘Conversations 2016 – A Love Letter to Karachi’ is a step towards making abstract connections with the creative mind.

By Seema Tejani It is a rare sight to see artists coming together to create something so visually appealing using a contemporary form of performance like Dance Drama. Expressions have various forms. Some make use of words, some use facial expressions and emoticons and some take to physical cues to show love. ‘Conversations 2016 – 

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Qandeel Blog

Until Its No Longer Funny..

By Muhammad Udabi Effendi   Qandeel Baloch was a self-promoting Pakistani model, a feminist activist and an enthusiastically and tirelessly active social media celebrity. She was easily one of the most popular celebrities in Pakistan, in the modern era. The celebrity, however, had an unlikely and dark end to her career and was found dead 

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