Janaan - 09-Sep-2016


Release Date: 09-Sep-2016
Director: Azfar Jafri
Stars: Hania Aamir, Saad Zia Abbasi, Bilal Ashraf, Armina Khan

Rank Courtesy: Cinepax Cinemas
To begin with, it is a very proud moment for Pakistani Cinema that our movies are being screened in all the top cinemas of Malaysia. Even if anyone thinks it was a below par movie (which isn’t the case) we should go and watch it in support of our cinema. 

Those who have watched it enjoyed the movie despite its weak direction. The story had some loopholes, those kind of loopholes that can be ignored easily by the normal audiences e.g where she goes to the dentist and the doctor just gives her local anesthesia but she acts like she`s drunk, but then again, every movie has these small loopholes.  This being said the movie was aesthetically very pleasing, because of its cast and as well as the locations it was shot on. Clothes were very pretty which were complemented by the natural beauty of the Swat valley.  

 Sense of humor is one thing that stood out above all the elements of the movie and it deserves a round of applause. I personally liked the movie for its humor, there was one scene that made everyone in the cinema houses laugh where Daddi gives money to her granddaughter’s fiancé and the fiance thinks of it as salami and thanks the Daddi, but then she says this she is giving this money to him so that he can buy Zubaida Apa`s whitening soap and wash his face with everyday. There were a lot of moments like these where the sound of laughter went through the roofs of cinema houses.

I would say it`s a definite watch movie, not that sort which can be enjoyed again and again but for the first time the entertainment it delivers is pretty way more than what you are paying for. The movie has a very typical and predictable story. One thing to be appreciated about the story is how they have inculcated the taboo issue of child abuse into the story. It is very soothing to see entertainment houses highlighting issues which are a taboo in our society. The movie educates masses about such issues and how to deal with them, it also gives them the courage to speak up and stand against such happenings.  The molester belongs to a higher social class than that of the villagers. He is much respected and no one can even think of standing against him. The way the villagers unite under one cause against a powerful ruler is motivating as a nation that’s facing such issues.

Critics say Bilal Ashraf just got away because of his good looks, but that’s not true, he put in a lot of hard work that can be seen on the screen and it deserves a mention. Apart from the child abuse part the story was quiet predictable and bollywood-ish, (one cousin was willing to forgo his love for the other cousin) Such SRK feels... 

Some are criticizing the way Pakhtoon culture is portrayed in the movie which I believe is wrong. Our pakhtoons are past that shuttle cock burqa times and there is no reason to believe the portrayal of Pakhtoons was derogatory. Overall it’s a very nice movie the sorts which one can go and watch with family and friends. I would congratulate team Janaan for putting in a lot of efforts and coming up with such a project.  A job well done, and good luck to Team Janaan for their future endeavors. 

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