Lahore Se Aagey - 11-Nov-2016


Release Date: 11-Nov-2016
Director: Wajahat Rauf
Stars: Yasir Hussain, Saba Qamar, Mubashir Malik, Rubina Ashraf

Review By: Ottoman Ali Khan

Cinema is slow, but not dead. Pakistani film makers are pulling all stops to showcase their work. Some receive immense praise, some get a pat on the back and some are not reviewed well at all. But at the end of the day the sheer strength of numbers dictates the true verdict. For movie goer`s this weekend was all about the opening of `Lahore se Aagay`, the Karachi se Lahore spin-off which no matter how hard one tries it will still be called a sequel.

But judging by the anticipation and viewer excitement two factors were on audiences mind. Number one what`s the next chapter after Karachi se Lahore? One audience member joked `Lahore se aagay India hai` maybe hinting at destination supreme which is currently under hiatus. Another rather forward uncle type with his wife said he was here for Saba Qamar`s most viewed item number Kalabaaz. But one thing was clear, everyone wanted fresh popcorn and a fun movie to enjoy.

The film begins with the character Moti explaining his barber how his ailing uncle (Mamo played by Behroz Sabwari) has called upon him so he can be the beneficiary to his estate in Sawat. The first cameo by veteran theatre artist Ifthkhar Thakur was a hidden message to stay alert of many more to come. But as with any opening of a good story, the vial plot of sabotage and betrayal lurks. Two assassins in search of Moti are hired by the disgruntled aunt (Momani played by Rubina Ashraf) to remove Moti from the chance of getting any inheritance.

In the role of villain, Abdullah Farhatullah as `Main A` is any linguistics` nightmare since he speaks his own brand of English & Urdu under a thick Pushtoon accent. Nostalgia awoke when his character reminded us a little of Janu Germen, a trickster whose confidence was far better than his gibberish English. The accomplice or the henchman called A.B (which a lot of viewers may confuse with `baby`) is played by radio and theater veteran Umer Sultan known for his uncanny similarities (even height) to the Big B.. Amitabh Bachchan. The duo definitely break the stereotype of silly villains by being very seriously silly baddies and making it count.

However the entry of leading lady Saba Qamar, playing the role of Tara was what everyone was waiting for. Her smile instantly made everyone forgot their worries and just pay strict attention to her. The opening pop number `Be Fiqriyan` gets everyone tapping their feet as it`s a good catchy song. Without giving too much away, Tara is a hopeful and ambitious musician participating in battel of the bands type competition hopeful to win. But her ambitious ways are challenged by her fiancee to be who ridicules her desire to perform in-front of strangers and calls her passion a momentary hobby. Disappointed by her fiancees attitude she drives away from it all only to have a chance encounter with on-the-run Moti. Here`s where the real story starts as the two find some reason to help each other and be helped by one another.

The story runs into several events and incidents on the way while the audience is charged up for a laugh riot. Where everyone enjoyed the interaction and the on-liners a few jokes did fall on deaf ears which were entertainment industries inside jokes. But the fact they were shared showed the bravery of the makers of this film to allow entertainers and celebrities to be acceptable to laughing at one`s self.

It is noteworthy to say that some common thinking ways were challenged maybe evoking the audience sensibility to `apni sooch ki technology badlo`(conveniently borrowed). More over the film is a work of fiction, things and characters are made up. The inclusion of several cameos played by known celebrities (which won`t be revealed here) makes for a good surprise. Several reprisals from Karachi se Lahore were also witnessed such as the soulful Mohsin Ejaz, who played the guard, the multi-talented Erum Ero (NAPA trained) who plays a Sindhi girl and Noor-ul-Hasan who returns back in another avatar completely.

The audience accepted them as they were and enjoyed it within the arena of the film. The best reaction the makers of this film would get is the audience talking about their favorite moments as they exit the cinema.

Final verdict: It`s worth the watch as its Entertaining and Enjoyable.. take it as it is :)

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    The story runs into several events and incidents on the way while the audience is charged up for a laugh riot.

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