Ouija: Origin of evil - 21-Oct-2016


Release Date: 21-Oct-2016
Director: Mike Flanagan
Stars: Henry Thomas, Doug Jones, Elizabeth Reaser

NY Daily News

Considering what a decent year this has been for horror, it has just made it that much harder for filmmakers to find new ways to keep movie viewers scared. For the producers of the 2014 hit ``Oujia,`` their wisest move was to hire Mike Flanagan to write and direct a second installment, fresh of all the innovative he did with last year`s Oculus.``

The Gaurdian

For all that, Orgin of Evil- directed by Mike Flanagan, the emergent talent behind 2011`s unsettling absentia - does just enough to climb over the low bar of expectation. Granted, there`s nothing new about its premise- Fake psychic learns a lesson about messing with the dark side - and Flanagan has  to resort to a 1960s milieu, all kinky boots and intermittent ``groovy`s to distinguish his film from the 1970s - set Conjuring Series.


Hurtling backward in time some 50 years before the events of ``Ouija,`` ``Origin of Evil`` opens promisingly on a seance in 1967 at the home of California medium Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser), who firmly believes in the comfort she provides to clients looking to commune with the dead, even if her tactics are pure flimflam.Her assistants in staging the well-intentioned scams are daughters Lina (Annalise Basso), a rebellious teen, and Doris (Lulu Wilson), a doe-eyed mopet.

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