Deepwater Horrizon - 30-Sep-2016


Release Date: 30-Sep-2016
Director: Peter Berg
Stars: Dylan O`Brien, Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell

Forbes: Peter Berg`s Deepwater Horizon is exactly what you`d expect it to be. It is a taut, mostly engaging, and just slightly melodramatic (in a good way) ``you are there`` retelling of the events that took place on April 20, 2010. The film unquestionably puts the blame on the disaster on those at the top of the corporate food chain who were unwilling to spend extra money to do the best possible job. And it highlights another case of would-be corporate baddies unintentionally causing long-term harm in the pursuit of short-term financial benefit.

Screen Rant: Although not quite as grisly as the hard R-Rated Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon is perhaps as much (if not more) affecting in the way that it shows just how dangerous a certain line of work often unseen in the public eye (here, that of life on an oil rig) truly can be. As such, Deepwater horizon effectively turns the real-world disaster into an action/drama that`s more disturbing than thrilling to watch. The movie certainly impresses when it comes to presenting the nitty-gritty details of everything that went wrong during the real-life disaster, but that does come at the expense of creating a more thematically-rich narrative about the lives of the people involved. All in all though, Deepwater Horizons another worthy addition to Berg`s filmography and makes for a genuinely unique mainstream film going experience, thanks to its setting and on-the-ground shooting style.

The Guardian: I was wondering if there might be an evil cameo here for Ralph Fiennes or Patrick Stewart, but no, the wicked bean counter is played by John Malkovich, who does talk about reporting back to his ``bosses in Londo``. Mark Wahlberg plays good ol` boy Mike Williams, the chief electronics technician who battled to save his colleagues and wound up having to jump from the equivalent of a high building out of the blazing rig into the boiling seawater; Kurt Russell is Jimmy Harrell, the horrified safety expert who confronts management creep Malkovich. As ever, Wahlberg doesn`t act, he just projects himself, and his naturalness makes a cool counterpoint to Russell`s glowering integrity and Malkovich`s lip-pursing villainy. It`s nail-biting stuff.

The Atlantic: At the end of ``Diamonds Are Forever,`` audiences cheer when James Bond succeeds in blowing up the giant oil platform the evil Blofeld uses as his base. It’s a spectacular finale, to be sure, though nowhere near as impressive as the real-life destruction wrought in ``Deepwater Horizon,`` a stunning Hollywood restaging of the explosion that consumed the Transocean deepwater drilling rig on April 20, 2010. Needless to say, no one cheers this time around: We all know that 11 men lost their lives in the accident, and that the ensuing oil spill became the country`s all-time worst ecological disaster. And yet, despite the fact that director Peter Berg presents the action as if everyone in the audience is an engineer, the excitement is undeniable. For a movie in which you can`t follow what`s going on for 75% of the time, ``Deepwater Horizon`` proves remarkably thrilling - and could well become one of the fall`s biggest hits when it opens Sept. 30.

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