Discovering Faryal Mehmood – Exclusive Interview!

I`d like to develop my character beyond the stigma and stereotype..

Raising talent and new kid on the block, Faryal Mehmood left home, work, family and friends to join the TV drama industry and pursue a career in acting. We look at her journey from New York to Karachi and how in a short time she`s managed to gain a lot of attention. Speaking to our resident interviewer Ottomann Ali Khan, read all about Faryal Mehmood`s exclusive to 

1. What did you do before acting?

I was a professional artist and product specialist for the make brand MAC in New York.

2. Tell us about your first project on television and the response.

I started with a soap (drama) in a leading role called `Babul ki duain` which ran everyday for a year. The response was unexpectedly quick as I got noticed, and I loved it.

3. What kind of acting do you focus on?

I like to be unique, making a character natural and real. Using my skills and rather young experience I’d like to develop my character beyond the stigma and stereotype, characters that are different, a character I can invent and project no matter how challenging.

4. Just under two years in the industry, what is your future expectation?

Honestly I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I do know its only going to be better with a lot of things to come.

5. What other talents do you have apart from acting?

I dance very passionately I even used to teach before I became incredibly busy with acting projects. I still try to find time for it when I can. My friends praise me for my singing, which honestly I do just for fun.

6.  Tells us about the people in the industry that inspired you.

So many namee, Fasial Quershi, Abid Ali, Firdous Jamal and continuing long list that may take up all the interview time (LOL). I would like to mention Yasir Hussain who I haven’t worked with but I’ve seen him work behind the scenes and on stage and I find him an amazing (young) institution of quality acting.

7.  How did your family take your decision to leave the US to join the Drama industry?

They were very supportive on one of my biggest life decisions. They saw me wrap up my life in the US and start from scratch in Karachi and they showered me with complete support, encouragement and love. I feel without their support I wouldn`t have come this far.

8. What’s the toughest thing about your current job?

The HEAT!!! With makeup, wardrobe, lights it has to be the biggest challenge.

9. Tell us about your fans.

I have very nice and caring fans. They share their feedback on my work, they encourage me and best of all they remain very supportive. I however have been receiving a lot of complaints from my fans regarding me working out in order for losing weight they want me to stop (burst out in laughter). They don`t want me to loose the bubbliness I guess.

10. Any plans for movies?

Absolutely. It’s a wonderful time for films and cinema in Pakistan. I’m certainly going to explore and be apart of it. It may seem like big words,  but I was made for the big screen and I would want to showcase my talent there (as in films).

11. What’s your super power?

Apart from being a good dancer, I have mastered the art of doing absolutely, NOTHING. I can just do nothing with great joy in blink of an eye. Doing nothing is incredibly difficult, which I can do effortlessly.

12. Message for fans!

My fans ROCK, I feel their support and prayers really work for me. It makes me happy and willing to master my craft as a performer and continue the trend to give my very best.

Concluding note: This charming young lady with a wonderful smile has many miles of continued success ahead of her. She is indeed a wonderful singer, a fantastic dancer and a gifted actress. We look forward to seeing her shine. 


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