Exclusive: Momal Sheikh Talks About Work, Life and Going Bollywood.

My baba never told me how this industry works, probably because he wanted me and Shehzad to learn it all by ourselves.

We were lucky enough to be able to speak to this beauty with brains and ask her a few questions.. Here are the answers:

Are you going to do any more Bollywood movies after Happy BhaagJaegi?

I don`t have any Bollywood projects in the pipeline. I was in the middle of shooting when I got a few offers and I thought I shouldn`t rush into things. I don`t want to be ahead of myself.  I have a lot of reservations before I say yes to a project. The script has to be perfect; when you`re working internationally you are an ambassador of your country and there is a lot that needs to be considered. I will have to be very careful with choosing the script.

How were you approached for the role in Happy?

Well, it`s a little funny, basically my father is in the film, and actually he was offered this film before I was. My baba was asked if he could suggest any female actors for this role. My baba hadn`t told them about me. But then the producers found me on Google and then they saw few pictures of us together. The producers asked him how we knew eachother and then they found out he was my father. I was offered the role, but I wasn`t really looking forward to it, as I had just given birth to a baby.

Did Mr. Javed Sheikh give you any insight about the working environment there that has helped you?

My baba never told me how this industry works, probably because he wanted me and Shehzad to learn it all by ourselves or probably because he doesn`t want to sound pushy or influential in determining our career path. He wants us to learn like he did, go through the stages he went through and I believe this is the right way too.

So what did you find different?

I think there is a huge difference between the film and TV industry, I have been working in the television industry and I strongly believe there is a huge difference between the two industries. I haven`t done any Pakistani movie as yet so I can`t really pin down the differences. But definitely film and dramas are two different mediums.

How was the experience over all?

I was nervous but I liked working in the Bollywood, although it wasn`t my home country and I had to do a lot of stuff from the scratch but nonetheless it was a great experience. I really had to work hard, the people were very loving and after a while I felt like home.

What kind of roles do you want to pursue in the future?

I have never thought about what roles I want to do, as that can only limit you. A role never matches what you imagine, you do have a choice but then again it`s not something you`ve written for your own self. I haven`t specified any particular character for me. I read the script, if I like it I accept the role.

How do you manage your tough working schedule with having a child?

Masha Allah I have a very supportive husband, and great in-laws and my mother. Each and every one of them was very supportive from the first step. Just be positive and you can overhaul every problem. It was a difficult stage for me as a mother but it went well so I`m glad about that.



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