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The awareness is increasing day by day. I think few people watch morning shows and they generally like to watch informative and decent ones.I think morning shows will continue the same way for some years now.

Rafiya Rafiq,a perfect example of beauty with brains is currently hosting a morning show at Metro One TV Channel. The talented host completed her BDS in Dentistry from Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry in the year 2005 and she is now a practicing dentist. She has managed to capture many hearts with her simplicity, decency, intelligence and charm. Her encouraging deep thoughts are surely very inspiring. Many people admire her sensitive heart and her wishes to get betterment in the society.Read her exclusive interview for mediapeedia.com here:

Q1. Can you tell us about how did you start your career and who was your inspiration? 

My inspiration was actually the old PTV dramas. I used to watch them very thoroughly, in fact, I used to watch them in repeat as well. I loved their environment, their acting and everything else about them.
I had a friend who was already in showbiz along with her father. Once she was shooting for TVC, when we were very young, and she asked me if I could accompany her as a friend. I had just completed my intermediate back then. At first I was confused whether or not I would be allowed but luckily I got permission. The show did very well and everyone appreciated my work. I had an `Oh my God! I`m on TV`feeling later as well. Later on, the same director called me for another show, but with this one, my mom accompanied me to the shoots. Eventually my dentistry started and I had to put down offers but once I got done with my studies I went to work with `Aaj TV` which was new at that time. I did a lot of shows there. I went for video jockeying afterwards and then got an offer from TV ONE where I started doing morning shows. Now I`m working at METRO, PTV, EXPRESS and events like launches pharmaceutical and incorporates.

Q2. Have you thought of entering the main stream acting since these days you see a lot of dramas being made and the cinema being revived?

I`m actually practicing dentistry and shooting would consume a lot of time so I cant compromise with my clinic as I have worked hard for it.I topped 8 colleges in Karachi ,that`s a big achievement and that`s something I will not let go. My passion is doing shows as well as dentistry.

Q3. Why don`t you try to switch to some other channel?

Basically, it all depends on offers and the work environment. Currently, where I`m working I have a comfort zone. Other places are good too but here I feel like home. Moreover, I have got a free hand here. I don`t work for ratings only. All I think is that morning shows mean something that can refresh you morally. I like to spread awareness and give information which is not happening nowadays through morning shows. Some people who cant afford education can learn from television itself.
In addition to that, promoting a culture that some people can`t afford something due to their circumstances, causes them to get complexes. They try to overcome this difference by stealing, pick pocketing, shoplifting and many other ways which are ethically wrong. They should promote the thought that whatever Allah has blessed us with we should be satisfied in that and be thankful.
In my opinion, we should not do anything here that we would regret in our afterlife. It`s a very deep thought and I dont know people would understand it or not but according to me, Allah has granted me this position so that I utilize it to get a positive change rather than increasing complexities and frustration amongst people.
If any other channel offers me the liberty to continue with a decent and educated show, I would love to do it though I don`t think that`s possible, looking at the scenario. I have been in media since 10 yrs and I like to maintain a decent reputation. 

Q4. You`re married, so how do you manage to balance your personal and professional life ?

My husband is one of best people I have met. Earlier, I didn`t trust men and I was a feminist but he is very liberal. According to him, I know my limits, hence, he lets me choose what I want to do. I have a baby too now yet when I'm busy or I go outdoors he handles the baby. He`s always there for me. It was initially a love marriage for him and arrange for me.

Q5. What`s your routine on off days?

I work like a maid at home when I`m off. I like cooking, gardening, cleaning and redecorating my house. Though its very rare that I get a free time.

Q6. Its been long since morning shows have started. Do you think Pakistani industry would flourish more?

The awareness is increasing day by day. I think few people watch morning shows and they generally like to watch informative and decent ones.I think morning shows will continue the same way for some years now.

Q7. Which show do you think is the best other than your own ?

At first Farah`s show on ATV inspired me a lot. I really used to adore her earlier but now I cant say much. Now they are doing what suits them.

Q8. Now as the trend has changed, earlier shows were female oriented but now there are male hosts too. Do u think there can be a time when males overtake and capture it?

In my opinion its really easy to capture as there are some things that males portray boldly whereas females are shy and reluctant to do it. Generally, men can talk about topics which both can relate to.

Q9. You have such a beautiful face, all the ingredients needed for hosting, such a nice voice and you talk so well. So have you tried in radio?

I did get offers but no I have never worked there even though I have visited as a guest. Plus, I think I express better with my body language and expressions rather than my words and voice. It wont attract me so much because I cant sit in a room and talk alone for like hours. I prefer live interaction. 

Q10. Are you friends with people in the industry? We have heard people in media are fake hence its difficult to maintain the friendships. What do you think ?

I have a lot of friends in the industry and I have a huge circle. Yes, there is always a hesitation when you new meet people so you have to give them a margin to open up but slowly gradually you become comfortable. Moreover there are genuine people around us as well.

Q11. Is there competition or do you learn from them?

I don`t think there is much competition but yes there is a lot to learn. We discuss topics and say which topic should we raise awareness about, so we contempt one thing or make people learn something. I learn about social related topics from them and they learn medical related from me.

Q 12. Who do you turn to for professional advice in the industry ?

Depends on which field I want the advice about. Example for morning shows I consult initial morning show friends who have polished me from the beginning and for personal advice, my husband. He`s very sincere and a good viewer.

Q 13.where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Hosting. I want to take it further. I want to promote the theme of awareness at global level.

Q 14. Is there anything you would like to say before we end this?

I have witnessed people ill treating street animals and I think that`s extremely insensitive of them to do so. They are living things and we should love them. Therefore, I have an aim of opening a shelter home for street animals and take care of them.


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