Komal Rizvi Talks `Charity`

`Nobody can scare me into not helping someone. Especially not bored Internet trollers` says Komal

Singer, Song writer, Actress and Host Komal Rizvi is a house hold name to all. Her ever smiling personality and her charming appearance can`t help us but smile every time she graces the stage, be it anywhere. But these days Komal is gracing another stage, a stage where a difference can be made. We`ve been following Komal`s charitable and social responsible endeavor.
Here`s an exclusive interview with Komal Rizvi with Ottomann Ali Khan on `Celebrity Social Responsibility`

1. Tell us, how and when did you start putting your focus into charitable efforts/organizations?

It is something that has played on my mind for many, many years but I was not ready to work in this sector till around two years ago. It all started with Ramadan and seeing so many people coming to our doorsteps, where my parents have been providing free Iftaar for years now. Somehow it just struck a chord, seeing all those people eagerly waiting for food that we take for granted. Since then, almost involuntarily, I've been shifting my focus towards charitable causes. 

 2. Celebrities use charity either to enhance their personality or to get some mileage out of it. How have you used it as a tool for positive change?
I don't know about mileage. I don`t care about that at all if it doesn`t help the cause. If my celebrity status can be used to somehow benefit a child and his education I will squeeze it to the max. I truly believe that those who are blessed are going through a test just as much as those who are struggling. In fact, being blessed is probably a bigger test.

3. Tell us a little about what you’re supporting these days.

 Pakistan`s biggest problem is the mind-set of its people, their education level and exposure. We are one of the most charitable, talented, intelligent and gifted nations in the world. We just need to be more educated in our approach, more broadminded and tolerant, and open to exploring different possibilities. 
If I can educate ONE child it will change his entire LINEAGE! Every drop will make a difference in this particular ocean.

4. How powerful is the impact of celebrity social responsibility? How far reaching is it? Does it help achieve results?

That depends on how big the celebrity is, how trustworthy, and how motivated.But, as celebs, we do need to take time out to help the underprivileged. It should be the duty of every person who is ABLE :)

5. You took the time to sing at the marriage of the orphans at Bilquees Edhi’s Home and personally visited Edhi Sahib after that. Did his role model leave a lasting impact on you?

I don't have a role model. I believe everyone should follow their conscience. Having said that, I do think that Edhi Sahib is one of the most amazing people in this country and he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. I admire him and his wife's work tremendously!

6. How was life after the famous selfie with Edhi sahib?

Lol. The same. Nobody can scare me into not helping someone.  Especially not bored Internet trollers!

7. What would you like to tell our readers with regard to contributing towards charitable efforts?

If you ever need to feel truly at peace and content just help someone without any self-enhancing agenda. I promise you your day will be awesome!


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