Exclusive with Iman Ali

`I want to play a sharp shooter or a sniper, with an aim from up high` says the actress.

LUX Style Award winner, renowned Model, TV and a seasoned film actress talks to mediapeedia.com about her work with Mah-e-Mir and life in general. In an exclusive interview with Ottomann Ali Khan, we share the `gup shup` that took place.

How was it working on Mah-e-Mir?

A challenge, but a challenge I`ve become familiar with after having done BOL and `Khuda ke Liya`. The script and the story are interestingly complex which I should hope viewers will appreciate. 

What was working on the set of Mah-e-Mir like?

To be honest I`m not very good with my dialogues while rehearsing, but as soon as I get on set, I`m in my zone and my character`s element.  
You’ve been doing so many things from modelling to TV, but now you seem fit for the big screen. Will this be your canvas of performance for the future?

I believe so. I`ve done a lot of modelling and TV, so I feel I need to branch out and continue evolving. Pakistani cinema is growing and I along with it. But I find it a little disappointing to see far too many male driven characters in films that are coming out. 

How do you feel that should be addressed?

Unfortunately our industry has far too few writers, we need to really invest into writers who can develop content and characters. I`d love it if a character could be given to me that I`d need to invent from scratch as opposed to something that suits my personality. 

What kind of film would really interest you?

I`d actually and honestly really be interested in comedy. Something that would give the female character a powerful drive. I might be complimenting myself here, but I`m actually quite funny. I`m even interested in action based films. 

What would you like to do in an action movie?

To be a sharp shooter or a sniper, with an aim from up high.

Tell us a little about Anjum Shehzad, Director of Mah-e-Mir?

He is a close friend and a complex personality. I get along with him great on set and work quite palatably with his directions. But off set he’ll be someone I can love and hate at the same time since we go far back. Having had more experience with Shoaib Mansoor, working with Anjum was an experience in its self since he’s good with organic style of directing. 

Which director are you looking forward to working with in the future?

My next project is actually with someone I’m looking forward to working with and that`s Nadeem Baig. So details can’t be shared now, but I`ll be sure to talk to you again in the future.

What is Iman Ali thinking about doing in the future?

With a few films in planning stages, I hope to find myself behind the camera, directing something I`d be passionate about.    

What`s your expectations with Mah-e-Mir releasing nationwide May 6th?

Mixed feelings, but I believe people will want to explore the film, its story, the characters and the MADNESS that`s Mah-e-Mir.       



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